Townsend Delivers Gorman Lectures at University College London

Outlines Financial Systems Approach to Understanding Developing Countries
January 31, 2011

CFSP’s Robert M. Townsend delivered the Gorman Lectures late last year at University College London. The annual series, which features leading economists, is sponsored by UCL and Princeton University Press in honor of the influential economist W.M. Gorman.

Townsend titled his lecture “The Evaluation of Financial Systems in Developing Countries,” and he focused on the implications of his work examining risk sharing and networks in village economies. This is important because his research has helped to reveal the role family ties and networks play in the effort to alleviate poverty.

“The message of the Gorman lectures is how connected people are within a village and from the village to the outside, across the villages or at a national level,” commented Townsend. Townsend's lectures also show how he has successfully measured and tracked these connections.

Townsend recorded two interviews after his lecture with VOX, a European research-based policy analysis site sponsored by the Centre for Economic Policy Research.  Links to these audio interviews follow below.


- VOX Interview: Financial Systems in Developing Countries: How Poor People Lift Themselves Out of Poverty

- VOX Interview: Households as Corporate Firms

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