Rigobon of MIT Joins CFSP

October 7, 2010

Roberto M. Rigobon of MIT has joined CFSP, becoming its newest member. His research project will examine microdeposits and their macroeconomic impact with a particular focus on M-Pesa, the mobile banking company of Kenya.

“I am studying the macroeconomic implications of the two possible avenues that M-Pesa could grow into: M-Pesa could become a pure system of payment similar to Paypal or it could grow to become a financial institution offering payments, savings, investment, and insurance services,” explains Rigobon.

“Both directions are beneficial. Each one, however, has different regulatory challenges and macroeconomic impact. I want to take a step back and look at the design of these systems by concentrating on making them as safe as possible.”

Rigobon, who is the Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Applied Economics at MIT, becomes the eighth member researcher to join the Consortium in addition to CFSP Faculty Director Robert M. Townsend. Member researchers are senior and up-and-coming scholars who have the potential to make significant contributions to the study of financial systems and poverty.

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