CFSP Researchers Featured at Nobel Symposia on Global Poverty and Climate Change

Banerjee, Townsend, Udry discussed research
October 11, 2012


In September, three CFSP researchers were invited to present at the Nobel Symposia, “Growth and Development,” and “Climate and Economy.” The two conferences, which were held consecutively at Institute for International Economic Studies of Stockholm University in Sweden, featured leading economists from around the world. They explored policy measures to alleviate global poverty and the effects of climate change.

CFSP Faculty Director Robert M. Townsend of MIT presented at both conferences; he gave a lecture titled, “Insurance and Credit: Micro Financial Underpinnings for Entire Economies” at the first conference. Orazio Attanasio of University College London served as the discussant. At the second conference, Townsend presented the paper “Climate Change, Environmental Shocks, and Socio-Economic Networks: the Case of Rainfall and Temperature in Thailand,” which he co-authored with John Felkner and Kamilya Tazhibayeva.

Abhijit Banerjee of MIT served as a discussant for Harvard University’s Robert  Barros, who presented on “Empirical Determinants.” Banerjee’s discussion, titled “Convergence and Modernization Revisited,” was featured at the first conference. Banerjee also served on the panel discussion called “Micro Meets Macro.”

Christopher Udry of Yale University shared microeconomic evidence on “Misallocation, Growth, and Financial Market Implications,” as a discussant to Stanford University’s Peter Klenow, who presented on productivity and misallocation.

Presentations and video from CFSP researchers can be found by following the links below. The full, available conference proceedings can be found online at the IIES website.